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Terms and Conditions

  1. While Highland Fling Bungee Ltd strive to undertake bungee jumps in all weather conditions we reserve the right to postpone or cancel any jump if we feel weather conditions on the day of the jump are incompatible towards a safe jump.
  2. Highland Fling Bungee Ltd accept bookings either on our ‘Trip Reservation’ form, verbally, or by written letter.
  3. Bookings are accepted when Highland Fling Bungee Ltd receives your NON REFUNDABLE deposit. Highland Fling Bungee Ltd reserves the right to make exceptions to the above where instances dictate.
  4. If you are late we CANNOT guarantee you will be able to take your jump.
  5. All cancellations must be advised in writing and signed by the person who originally made the booking with Highland Fling Bungee Ltd. Cancellations are accepted as from the date Highland Fling Bungee Ltd receives the written confirmation of cancellation.
  6. Cancellations incur the following charges:
    1. Date of booking to 10 days prior to the trip taking place – client will lose ALL payment.
    2. Final numbers of participants must be confirmed by telephone no later than 10 days prior to the trip. Failure to do this will result in the client being charged for the full amount of persons booked.
  7. All invoices and outstanding balances must be paid 10 days before the date of the trip or no later than 10 days of the date of invoice. Highland Fling Bungee Ltd charge all outstanding accounts at 2.5% interest for every seven days thereafter.
  8. Highland Fling Bungee Ltd reserve the right to make alterations to brochure details, and any other company documents, before and after any booking has been received and confirmed. Most of these changes will be minor and in most cases we will inform you at the earliest opportunity.
  9. Even though Highland Fling Bungee Ltd carries full Public Liability Insurance, it is strongly suggested that participants carry their own personal accident policy that covers them for the activity they are undertaking. Personal accident policies are usually available from your own insurance broker.
  10. ALL participants must be made aware by the person booking the adventure that bungee jumping, as well as other outdoor adventurous activities, carries a degree of risk. Even though Highland Fling Bungee Ltd has tried to minimise these risks, there is still a chance that participants may sustain injury. Participants will only be accepted on the understanding that they are aware of these risks and wish to participate of their own free will.
  11. On signing the ‘Trip Reservation’ or Company paper, or receiving you trip confirmation, you agree to honour and abide by the terms and conditions laid down by Highland Fling Bungee Ltd, and have made all the participants in your party aware of these terms and conditions.
  12. In the unlikely event that you fail to receive your photos from your bungee jump due to technical or other issues , Highland Fling Bungee Ltd will refund any monies paid for photos
  13. A £20 admin fee per jumper will be required if any change is approved and made to the confirmed booking within 10 days of the jump taking place
  14. A minimum of 6 people are required to jump on any given day. If we do not reach these numbers we will have to reschedule your jump date and time
  15. Although we ask you to be with us 30 minutes prior to your jump, please be aware that if there are unforeseen circumstances there can be a delay in your jump time.