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Highland Fling has two amazing locations in Scotland, United Kingdom. We have our Highland location at the beautiful Pass of Killiecrankie and our urban bungee based on the banks of the River Clyde at Clydebank, Glasgow from the cantilever of the iconic Titan Crane .

Find out more about each location below.

Highland Fling – Killiecrankie, Perthshire

he Pass of Killiecrankie gouged into the landscape over thousands of years by the melt-waters of successive Ice Ages, has developed into a spectacular wooded gorge.

Both the woodland covered slopes and the River Garry flowing along the bottom of the Pass support an incredibly rich diversity of wildlife.

In 1689, the Battle of Killiecrankie, part of the first Jacobite uprising, was fought nearby. The Pass has many links to the Battle including the famous Soldier’s Leap, where one soldier escaped the battle by jumping an impressive 5.5m across the river.

A National Trust for Scotland Visitor Centre located at the Passes north end, tells the story of the Pass and its management.

Highland Fling Bungee
C/O The National Trust for Scotland
Killiecrankie Visitor Centre
Killiecrankie Perthshire
PH16 5LG
0345 366 5844

Urban Bungee – Clydebank, Glasgow

Clydebank is only about a 15 minute drive from Glasgow City Centre along the A814.

There are frequent train services from both Glasgow Queen Street and Central Station to Clydebank Station, which is a 10 minute walk from the Titan Crane.

Buses are also available (Firstbus No.40) which takes you to Clydebank Shopping Centre (a 10 minute walk to the Titan Crane) and in term time continues down to Clydebank College, which is right on the doorstep!

Highland Fling Urban Ltd
Titan Enterprise
1 Aurora Avenue, Queens Quay
G81 1BF
0345 366 5844