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About Us

Murray Trail

Managing Director

Is Wellington-born and is a trained bungee jump master and adventure sports specialist. He has previously worked for Kiwi Extreme in South Africa, at Gouritz Rivier, and was one of the first people to jump and operate their pioneering bungee jump site at Victoria Falls.

He has also worked as a rafting instructor, safety kayaker and video kayaker on the Zambezi. Having worked around the world; Murray combined his skills and knowledge to set up his own video and photography company.

After marrying a Scot, he moved to Perthshire in 2003 where he remains a key figure in outdoor/adventure sports. He enjoys spending his spare time with his family and is also a rugby coach and an Offshore Yachtmaster.

Laurie Thomas (Loz)

Jump Master/Operations Manager

Laurie, or Loz as we know him, is another outdoor enthusiast and spends most his time during the winter on his snowboard. He has been with Highland Fling since Summer 2012 after two years travelling the world.

He has worked his way up the ranks to become Jump Master and Operations Manager after leaving his previous job as a funeral director (yes, you’ve read that correctly).

Douglas Scott

Jump Master/Assistant Operations Manager

Doug or “The Worth” as he is known is a local lad and current poster boy of Highland Fling. Since Doug’s arrival he has become a key member of the Highland Fling team. His favourite activity is the Giant Swing, both taking part in it and operating the Swing for customers. He says it is “Worth it.” (We think he just likes scaring people, remember to ask for a surprise!)

He is known for his ‘blues bungee’ where he jumped while playing a solo on his guitar.

He also has a Youtube channel named “Force Fed Mash” that he and his brothers created during the COVID-19 lockdown. You can find all of their music videos and various skits on there.

Jason Macpherson (RJ)

Jump Master

Jason known to some from both site’s as Jas “The Ace” or “Face” Has been with Highland Fling since 2011. He has over that time worked his way up through the ranks of the bungee and is our latest qualified Jump Master.

As with most of the crew who work for Highland fling Jason is a keen outdoor enthusiast and enjoys to ski, float, climb, Hill walk, Canyoning and of course BUNGEE JUMP!.

Debbie Rooke

Jump Master

Debbie is one of more experienced members of the crew and our first ever female jump master.

Debbie has always worked in the outdoors and does a lot outside of work including water sports, climbing and boarding in the winter time.

You’ll be able to spot Debbie she’s the one who doesn’t have the Scottish accent…

Chris Telford

Bungee Operator

Chris brings the funky to the bungee. When he first started with us he had dreads down to his… Now he comes in with a different hair do every week.

Chris has worked his way up to becoming a key member of the team. He did his first jump as a customer and from there starting working for us.

He is into the outdoors and does a lot in his spare time.

You’ll catch Chris mostly on the weekend he’s the one with the tattoos if you can spot him.

Richard Steel

Jump Master

Richard Steel, or Steel started at Highland fling bungee in 2011 when the site first opened and worked his way up to become senior Jump Master at both Killiekrankie and Titan Crane.

Richard, like the rest of us loves the outdoors and has worked as an adventure camera man and photographer with various rafting and canyoning companies over the years. It was Richard who set up the video system we now implement.

The only member of Staff who is an actual ninja and 3rd degree black belt and resident of Rosyth, Steel will not let you forget that he was once a contestant on Ninja Warrior UK. Now a regular freelancer you are likely to meet him at Titan if he comes back next season.

David (Spidor) Smith

Jump Master

Spidor has been with us since 2013 and is one of our trained Jump Masters at the Titan Crane site, based in Glasgow.

Having been brought up mainly in Hong Kong you can never quite tell what accent he has, but it seems to change daily. He’s a big fan of bungee and recently spent some time visiting various sites around New Zealand and Australia, but don’t get him started talking about it he’s worse than Callum.

Spidor is into his outdoor sports as with the rest of the crew including climbing, snowboarding and canyoning, but also enjoys a game of pool and a pint!