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Highland Fling Bungee

The Home of Bungee Jumping in Scotland

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Experience Heart-Thumping Bliss

However you spell it: bungee jump, bunjee jump, bungy jump or bungi jump, it is the same thing and the most awesome adrenaline experience Scotland has to offer in the most iconic jump locations in the UK.

It is a personal challenge. A state-of-mind. An exploration of limits. A few seconds of heart-thumping bliss. An experiment with gravity. Great, exhilarating, safe fun at our stunning, world record breaking site at the Garry Bridge in Killicrankie, Perthshire.

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Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with Highland Fling’s Giant Swing in the Dark! This thrilling adventure starts with a heart-stopping freefall, taking you plummeting 132ft towards the ground at lightning speed.

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Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews

"Exhilarating and awesome"

I came here years ago with my brother, as a birthday gift for him. We loved it. The staff were friendly and helpful, funny and personable. The experience of the jump was exhilarating and awesome. With the beauty of the incredible Scottish scenery as a backdrop, this jump is nothing short of stunning! I've recommended to several friends who have also enjoyed it.

– Ryan W., Google Reviews
"Had a fantastic time"

Had a fantastic time, was nervous as never done bungee jump before, but was put at ease with the staff. Over quickly tho which helps as second guessing you decision to jump may put you off the jump. Glad I did it. One thing to say is get the video and photos package. It's worth it.

– Sean W., Tripadvisor Reviews
"Highly recommend"

Did my first ever bungee jump at killiecrankie in Perth and felt so safe from everything from logging my details including medical to my actual jump. The staff were great and really friendly. They look after you good and I would highly recommend this if your looking for a personal challenge it is so worth it.

– Emma B., Google Reviews
"Fun and exciting"

We went ziplining through the trees and across the river. The guides were very friendly and explained the safety and process very well. They even had to rescue me a couple of times a la Cliffhanger!! The actual activity was fun and exciting and would definitely recommend.

– Rachel G., Tripadvisor Reviews
"The most thrilling day out"

Highland Fling Bungee is the most thrilling day out, the staff are so friendly, the views are beautiful but most of all the Bungee Jumping it fantastic!!! I have been twice and thoroughly enjoyed it!!! I can't wait to experience Highland Fling Urban Bungee!! Can't recommend Highland Fling Bungee highly enough! If ur a thrill seeker, get booking! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!!! :) x

– Lauren J., Google Reviews
"Staff were fantastic"

Absolutely amazing experience. The staff were fantastic and made me feel so at ease and excited for the jump. The photos and video are fantastic…. Just wish I’d done the second jump when I had the chance! Oh well backwards one next time guys! Thank you so much x

– S. H., Tripadvisor Reviews