The Soldiers of Killiecrankie reenactment festival is in it’s third year of running and this year added something extra into the mix.  The Soldiers of Killiecrankie Zip Wire.  The zip wire was open for the duration of the festival over the 30th & 31st August and was a massive success.  Demand was constant and it definitely added that element of adrenaline to the weekend amongst all the bayonets, cannons and swords.

The zip wire itself, is around 200 metres from the top of the hill overlooking the original battle site running through the woods and out into the field overlooking the festival reaching speeds of up to 60mph.  During the two days over 250 people participated.  Even the most nervous of zippers were smiling and laughing by the end.

The festival itself had a great atmosphere and there was plenty to do all round including archery, pottery and of course food, beer and the reenactment show itself. There were people from near and far including many actors who had travelled from Ireland the day before.  Many or most of the actors had a go of the zip line themselves and absolutely loved it.

Due to the success of the Soldiers of Killiecrankie zip we hope to run the zip wire at this event for the coming years.

For further information on our Zip Line options please visit our Zip Wire page.

Soldier on a zip wire