First Night Jumps Of The Season Underway

On a dark Saturday night in Killiecrankie, our first jumpers arrived to check in.  There were five jumpers in all, some who had jumped before during the day and others who had never taken the leap.  Regardless of wether they had jumped before or not it was a daunting but thrilling task to jump into the abyss.

After all the jumpers arrived and we had completed their check ins, we drove them down to the bridge in the usual fashion in our bungee bus.  We made our way up to the platform and the anticipation in the jumpers faces was clear as we got closer to the jump platform, followed by a few nervous laughs.

After the first jumper was fitted with the ankle cuffs and given his full safety checks it was time to make his way to the edge.  He shuffled his feet ever closer to the edge.  When standing straight, arms out, looking forward into the unknown, the jump master began his countdown, 3, 2, 1.  He disappears into the blackness.  Suddenly there is a burst of laugher from below followed by whoops and cheers from the other jumpers who remained on the jump deck.

The night jumping had began again.

If you want to to try a bungee jump in the dark, please get in touch.