Bride Bungee Jump


A dare-devil bride shocked her wedding guests by bungee jumping 130ft from a bridge in a 1950s wedding dress as part of her marriage celebration.

Sarah Wilkinson (nee Bednarek) from Bridge of Cally, Perthshire, only broke the news of her intended leap to stunned family members during the wedding speeches.

Hours later, she plunged 40 metres at 50mph from Garry Bridge near Killiecrankie in a Vintage Rockabilly style wedding dress.

Husband Kev (25), family members and bridesmaids cheered on the new Mrs. Wilkinson from below the bungee jump platform.

They were further enthralled when Sarah (28) decided to plummet again, the second time backwards!

Bride Bungee jumps backwards

“I like doing different things and there’s nothing better than bungee jumping on your wedding weekend, is there?” said Sarah.

“Kev couldn’t even go near the platform; he’s not an extreme sport fan, but I absolutely loved it. My dress was fine for jumping but I did have to detach the underskirt part in order to leap off the platform!”

The unusual addition to the Wilkinsons’ nuptials arose from a conversation between bride Sarah and staff at the couple’s wedding venue, the Nae Limits Log Cabin in Kirkmichael, Perthshire, which specialises in adventure sports packages such as white water rafting and quad biking.

Wedding Cabin

When a bungee jump from Highland Fling Bungee’s platform at Garry Bridge in bridal regalia was mentioned, the idea stuck in Sarah’s mind.

As a wedding gift, the Nae Limits Log cabin crew decided to purchase the bungee jump for the bride.

“It is the first bungee jump I’ve ever done but I thought, why not?

“We wanted a glen wedding, something a bit quirky, and when the Nae Limits Log Cabin team mentioned bungee jumping with Highland Fling Bungee, that was the icing on the cake.

“It was one of those conversations. All I said was that I would bungee jump in my wedding dress and that was it: I was doing it and there was no way back.”

Returning to terra firma, Sarah and Kev will now take to the water for their honeymoon later this week.

The couple are due to head off to the Norwegian fjords on a cruise ship.

Kate Mason-Strang of the Nae Limits Log Cabin said: “Sarah and Kev make a great couple. Certainly, no one will forget their wedding, for all the right reasons.”

Murray Trail, Managing Director of Highland Fling Bungee said: “Sarah was the first bungee jumper we’ve had in a real wedding dress and it was a special moment. We wish the couple all the best for the future. They’re great sports.”

Bride bungee jumping at Highland Fling Perthshire

Happy 2nd Birthday Highland Fling Bungee

Perthshire firm Highland Fling Bungee has celebrated its 2nd birthday with words of praise from local MSP John Swinney and VisitScotland chief, Mike Cantlay.

Officials from the adventure sport company presented a special cake and t-shirt to Ian McCorquodale (32) from Glasgow for being the first official jumper on its second anniversary.

Birthday Bungee Jump

Highland Fling Bungee brought the UK’s first permanent bridge bungee jump to Perthshire in May 2011, opening its visionary bungee pod at Garry Bridge.

Since then, it has welcomed 12 089 jumpers to Killiecrankie from all over the world, bringing millions to the local economy and sustaining 3 full-time and 15 part-time jobs.

Perthshire North MSP John Swinney, a long-standing supporter of the project, passed on special birthday wishes, paying tribute to the economic impact of bungee jumping.

“I was delighted to attend the launch of Highland Fling Bungee two years ago at Killiecrankie. It is a dynamic project and one which has brought a lot of positive media attention to the area. Its growth represents a real success story for Highland Perthshire, attracting jumpers and visitors from five continents.

“The fact it has generated client figures beyond its own projections is commendable and I wish the company continued success.”

Chairman of VisitScotland, Dr Mike Cantlay was also an early visitor to the 40 metre high platform which towers above River Garry.

He feels the advent of bungee jumping has added something unique to Scotland’s adventure sport offering.

“I would like to congratulate Highland Fling Bungee on this fantastic achievement and wish the company continued success,” he said.

“The fact that thousands of thrill-seekers from all over the world have experienced the joy of jumping at Killiecrankie has helped to cement Scotland’s reputation as the adventure capital of Europe.”

As well as being UK pioneers, Highland Fling created Europe’s first night-time bungee jumps.

The company has hosted clients of all ages, from 14 year olds to Scotland’s oldest bungee jumper, John Macdonald of Eriskay, who jumped on his 80th birthday.

Titan Crane Jump

Serviceman Private Scott Meenagh also became the first double amputee to jump in Scotland and the company has opened a second site at Titan Crane, Clydebank.

Partners, the National Trust for Scotland, are delighted at the win-win partnership between the two companies.

A portion of every jump fee goes back into the Trust’s conservation of the area while Highland Fling operate from the Trust’s Visitor Centre at Killiecrankie.

Ben Notley, Property Manager for the Trust’s North Perthshire Properties said: “National Trust for Scotland is delighted with the way our partnership with Highland Fling Bungee has worked over the last two years. For us it’s brought the Pass of Killiecrankie and the Trust to the attention of a whole new audience, and Highland Fling clients have benefited from the facilities we provide. We look forward with great confidence to continuing our successful and ground- breaking partnership.”

Bungee, Burger and Beer

Highland Fling Bungee have teamed up with McKays Restaurant & Bar in Pitlochry to bring you this brilliant new deal……

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Last Night Bungee Jumps of the Season

If you have already done a bungee jump and are ready for your next challenge then how about our black out bungee jump? Fancy flinging yourself 40m from the Garry Bridge in the pitch black? Highland Fling Bungee can make it happen.

There’s only one chance left to experience the thrill of a black out bungee jump this season and that is Saturday 16th March with bungee jumps available from 7 – 9pm.

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Lover’s Leap

Are you head over heels?

Just a little reminder that it is Valentine’s Day on Thursday 14th February.

Make it one to remember with the perfect Valentine’s Gift for the love of your life and you………. a Bungee Jump.

What better way to show each other just how much you care on Valentine’s Day than by taking the 132ft lover’s leap of faith from the UK’s only permanent bridge bungee jump at Killiecrankie.

Highland Fling Bungee have an amazing Valentine’s offer – 2 for 1 Bungee Jumps, one for you and one for your other half for just £70!

You will bungee jump on your own, one after the other.

So who will go first?

The dates available for the 2 for 1 Lover’s Leap Bungee Jumps are;

Valentine’s Day

Sunday 10th February

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First Double Amputee Bungee Jumps in Scotland

A Scottish serviceman who narrowly escaped death in Afghanistan has become the first double amputee to complete a bungee jump in Scotland.

Private Scott Meenagh, 23, from Cumbernauld, lost both legs above the knee in January 2011 after stepping on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) whilst on duty.

Close friend Martin Bell died when a further mine went off as he carried Scott’s ravaged body back to base on a stretcher.

Double Amputee Bungee Jump

Now, 22 months on, the soldier from 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, who walks with the aid of prosthetic legs, has taken another major ‘leap’ in his rehabilitation.

Scott, who played international rugby, hurled himself 40 metres from Highland Fling Bungee’s platform at Killiecrankie- close to the aptly named ‘Soldier’s Leap’.

He performed the jump in body harness with his prosthetics removed.

It was another milestone for the determined young Paratrooper, who now hopes to inspire other injured service personnel to achieve their dreams.

“One of my friends asked me if I was up for doing a bungee jump and I suppose it was a test to show I wasn’t scared,” smiled the Private, who won the Award for Overcoming Adversity at the UK military awards.

“If there is a way to do something, I’ll find it. My aim is to live my life to the full now. I lost a very close friend in Afghanistan and, if I was to sit around feeling sorry for myself, I wouldn’t be doing his memory justice, or myself.

“At the end of the day, I lost my legs in Afghanistan. I didn’t lose my mind.

“I see sports as my future and I also want to help others to fight their demons.”

Since losing his feet, shins and knees, Scott has learned to walk again. He has climbed Ben Nevis and won medals for archery.

He collected awards for water-ski ing at the Endeavour Games in the States and plans to hand cycle 3000 miles across America in memory of lost friend, Martin Bell.

Bungee jumping was just part of his quest to break down barriers in his recovery.

“When I was sitting in hospital after the explosion, my first thought was that I wouldn’t play rugby again.

“However, I have tried so many sports since then. The M.O.D really help injured service personnel and have given me lots of opportunities. I walk around with two of the most expensive prosthetics you can get.

“The Battle Back programme, run by Help for Heroes, has been great for me, too. They have helped me do all the different sports. They’ve made a real difference.”

A Spokesman for the M.O.D said: “We are delighted to see Scott taking part in sports and challenges and this is testament to all the hard work Scott and the medics and welfare team looking after him have put into his recovery.

“We hope he continues to go from strength to strength and we will continue to support him in doing so.”

Murray Trail, Managing Director of Highland Fling Bungee, said: “It was a privilege for us to have Scott and his friends here. Scott is a gutsy guy. He had a smile on his face at all times and he loved the jump. They were really appreciative of the way we worked. They are welcome back here any time.”

Meanwhile, Highland Fling Bungee vouchers are now available. Great gift idea for Christmas. You can buy online here.

Mass Bungee for Cup Winning Shinty Team

History making Glen Urquhart Shinty Club aim to finish a watershed season on a high by participating in a mass team bonding bungee jump with Highland Fling Bungee.

The Inverness-shire club won its first trophy in 127 years last month then accidentally broke the Cup in half 36 hours later- an incident which led to national coverage.

However, the Macaulay Cup winners, who have repaired the trophy, have the chance to beat 2011’s points tally in the final games- and influence the sport’s Premiership title race.

And in order to give them the final ‘push’, team manager Fraser MacKenzie has organised for the players to bungee jump after their clash with Newtonmore on Saturday 8th September.

Shinty Team Bungee Jump


Around 30 of the club’s players, together with co-bosses MacKenzie and Drew McNeil, will all plummet 40 metres from the Highland Fling Bungee platform at Killiecrankie.

MacKenzie believes the 50mph Perthshire plunge will make the squad even closer, as well as raising around £4000 for Palliative Care Centre, Highland Hospice.

“I used to do a lot of these bonding things in the army and they always worked well,” said the Drumnadrochit co-manager.

“We have a very tight group of players at the club and the boys are looking forward to it. It has been a great season.

“My girlfriend got me a voucher to jump at Highland Fling Bungee for my birthday and I really enjoyed it. That’s where the idea came from. In fact I also want to book a jump at the Titan Crane in Glasgow.

“A few of the lads said they might need a push. Depending on how we do against Newtonmore, I might be happy to oblige.”

In order to participate in the jump, Glen Urquhart had to ask the sport’s ruling body, The Camanachd Association, to change the throw-up time for their match against Newtonmore to mid-day.

Each player will drop towards the River Garry on an elasticated bungee cord and the squad have all gathered sponsors for their life-changing activity.

Cash has already been raised for Highland Hospice with the club showing off the repaired Macaulay Cup at the local highland games.

“It is not the most usual team bonding activity but the players are all ready,” added MacKenzie.

Highland Fling Bungee Director John Mason-Strang said: “This is the first time we have had a squad of Shinty players jumping but Bungee is certainly a memorable way for teams to develop a strong sense of ‘togetherness’.

“I think more and more elite sports teams, as well as businesses, will switch on to the fact the  bungee jumping is a great way to get their players or employees to bond. It brings individuals together and strengthens group morale.”

TripAdvisor Reviews

Highland Fling Bungee are delighted to have received so much positive feedback from happy bungee jumpers on TripAdvisor. We are now the #1 attraction in Pitlochry, with 84 reviews (83 positive!) – if you’ve enjoyed bungee jumping with Highland Fling at Killiecrankie, we’d love to hear from you! You don’t need to write much more than a sentence or two if you don’t want to, any/all feedback is welcomed.

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Black Out Bungee is Back!

Black Out Bungee is Back! If you really are looking to push yourself to the limit then how about plunging 40m from the Garry Bridge at 50mph in the pitch black!


Last year Highland Fling Bungee staged Europe’s first ever outdoor night bungee jumps and we are ready to do it all over again.

Night jumps are available on Friday 5th October and Saturday 27th October from 7pm-9pm.


Councillor Bungee Jumps to Prove Adventure Credentials

A Perth & Kinross councillor bungee jumped 40 metres from a bridge yesterday (Friday Aug 10th) to highlight the region’s credentials as ‘Scotland’s adventure sports ‘capital’.

Bob Ellis, Chair of the Perth & Kinross Sports and Active Recreation Forum, took the plunge from the Highland Fling Bungee platform at Garry Bridge, Killicrankie – the UK’s first static bungee jump platform.


His leap into the Killicrankie Pass abyss fulfilled a long-held personal ambition. Councillor Ellis also wanted to carry out the feat to underline the huge variety of adventure sports now available in Perth and Kinross.

The councillor dived towards the River Garry at a speed of 50 mph, joining almost 6,000 adventure sport enthusiasts from five continents who have jumped from the platform since its opening in May 2011.

Councillor Ellis, still flushed with adrenaline, said: “I’d been thinking about doing the jump from Garry Bridge for a while now. I went up there a few times to have a look, and finally made a decision that I would take the plunge. Now that I’ve done it, I would certainly do it again. Once I was off the edge I just thought, ‘wow, this is fantastic.’

“I am looking forward to seeing the photographs to see if the jump was a ‘10’, by Olympic standards, or maybe a ‘2’.  I think I must have been the first Scottish councillor ever to take part this kind of bungee jump.

“One of the reasons I wanted to do the jump was to draw attention to the fantastic range of adventure activities people can now enjoy here in Perth and Kinross. People often think of Lochaber and Fort William as the place to go for adventure sports, but Perth and Kinross is now equal to those places if not even better.

“In Perth and Kinross you can participate in canoeing, climbing, gorge walking, kayaking, mountain biking, and open water river swimming – as well as bungee jumping – all in the midst of some of the most spectacular scenery and landscapes in Europe. We have activities that people of all ages can take part in – from young children to senior citizens.

“All this is in addition to the more traditional pursuits such as hill walking and cycling, which Perth and Kinross also specialises in.

“We are fast becoming the UK’s top destination for adventure sports and outdoor activities, and I wanted to prove that by jumping off the Garry Bridge attached to a bit of elastic. It’s all part of the job!”

Highland Fling Bungee Director John Mason-Strang said: “We were delighted to have Councillor Ellis jump with us here and we are delighted he enjoyed it.

“We’ve had participants from all over the world and from all ages and levels of experience. Our youngest jumper was 14 and we recently had Scotland’s oldest at 80! Until today, we hadn’t had any local government officials so this is a first.”

Fellow Perth and Kinross Counciillor Mike Williamson also decided to take the plunge, following immediately after Councillor Ellis. “It was fantastic. The view the platform was amazing. It was certainly a different way to see it,” he said.

A special Adventure Festival that will allow people to try out adventure sports in the beautiful surroundings of Highland Perthshire is set to take place shortly.

The event, organised by Perth & Kinross Council’s Outdoor Education Team, will give people a taste of sports such as gorge walking, canoeing, climbing and open water swimming over the weekend of Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August.

The festival runs from 8.30am to 5.30pm on Saturday 25th and 8.30am to 1pm on Sunday 26th. No prior experience is necessary – qualified, experienced instructors will lead the weekend and all transport and technical equipment is provided.

The Adventure Festival is suitable for adults and families with children aged eight years and upwards. Each session costs £15 per adult, £12.50 per child or young person under 18 years old, or £50 for a family group of two adults and two children. Charges for the full weekend are £40 per adult, £30 per child and £100 for a family of two adults and two children.

For further information, or to book your place, please contact the Outdoor Education Team on 01738 472236 or email