2000 Swings and counting

The Highland Swing is now 16 months old and has recently clocked up 2000 swings!  Since it’s official opening in September 2017 the swing has been growing in popularity as we hoped.  The initial swing was done by Roddy Garden who managed to miraculously continue playing the bagpipes while dropping at speeds of up to 70mph.

Many opt out of the bungee in exchange for what they believe will be the easy option.  That’s until we roll back that platform and you are left hanging suspended over the River Garry from 40m.  Then it’s 321 or as some prefer the surprise option, then you freefall into a giant arch.

It looks like 2019 is going to be another big year for The Highland Swing and we are looking forward to it!

Scotland’s Best Outdoor Adventure Experience in 2017!

Highland Fling Bungee are proud to announce we have been nominated for Scotland’s Best Outdoor Adventure Experience in 2017! Read more

Thank you to Rural Perth and Kinross LEADER programme

Rural Perth and Kinross Council and Leader

We would like to thank the Rural Perth and Kinross Leader programme for helping to fund the upcoming bridge swing. For more information on this exciting new activity please click here.


Bungee jumping to the rescue for engaged couple

On Sunday 9th July 2017 adrenaline junkie Matthew Stewart had planned to propose to his partner Emily after their planned skydive.  Unfortunately due to the bad weather the skydive was cancelled last minute and Matthew needed a plan B. Luckily for him Highland Fling Bungee were on call to save the day.  After realising that the dream was still alive they jumped in the car and headed north to Killiecrankie.
On arrival at the visitor centre the they checked in while the rest of their families quietly headed down to the bridge to get the giant sign they had made ready which said “Will you marry me?”.  They planned on putting this up just after the jump so Emily could read it while they were being winched back up.
Tandem Bungee Engagement
Once Matthew and Emily arrived at the bridge we strapped them up ready for the tandem bungee jump.  Matthew had discreetly and very carefully left the engagement ring with the staff during the jump and planned to propose once they had both feet back on the jump deck. Once there Matthew got down on one knee and popped the question to Emily to which she replied with no hesitation “YES” much to the delight of Matthew, Emily, the family and the staff.
Another happy story to add to our bungee timeline and we hope there will be many more to come.

Titan Crane in full swing!

Bungee jumping at Titan crane is now in full swing! We kicked off the 2017 season with a group from the SPCA and since then have seen over 140 people take the thrilling run and jump from 50 metres.

Titan Crane about to open for 2017

Our bungee jumping season at the Titan crane is about to kick off for 2017!  Our staff have been hard at work the past few weeks getting everything ready and we are good to go!

Soldiers of Killiecrankie Zip Wire

The Soldiers of Killiecrankie reenactment festival is in it’s third year of running and this year added something extra into the mix. 

Soliders of Killiecrankie ZIPWIRE!!!!

We had our first set up day on the 28th of June 2016 for the event that will be running on the 30th and 31st of July.

Now filming everyone!!!

The day has arrived where we are able to film everyone who jumps with us. Now instead of viewing your photos after your jump you can view one of our three camera angles we have available to give you an idea of what your edited footage will look like.

Cash for kids super hero day!!!

Well done to all the guys at Titan Crane on the 13/5/16 and Killiecrankie on the 14/5/16 who came and jumped with us.