Mass Bungee for Cup Winning Shinty Team

History making Glen Urquhart Shinty Club aim to finish a watershed season on a high by participating in a mass team bonding bungee jump with Highland Fling Bungee.

The Inverness-shire club won its first trophy in 127 years last month then accidentally broke the Cup in half 36 hours later- an incident which led to national coverage.

However, the Macaulay Cup winners, who have repaired the trophy, have the chance to beat 2011’s points tally in the final games- and influence the sport’s Premiership title race.

And in order to give them the final ‘push’, team manager Fraser MacKenzie has organised for the players to bungee jump after their clash with Newtonmore on Saturday 8th September.

Shinty Team Bungee Jump


Around 30 of the club’s players, together with co-bosses MacKenzie and Drew McNeil, will all plummet 40 metres from the Highland Fling Bungee platform at Killiecrankie.

MacKenzie believes the 50mph Perthshire plunge will make the squad even closer, as well as raising around £4000 for Palliative Care Centre, Highland Hospice.

“I used to do a lot of these bonding things in the army and they always worked well,” said the Drumnadrochit co-manager.

“We have a very tight group of players at the club and the boys are looking forward to it. It has been a great season.

“My girlfriend got me a voucher to jump at Highland Fling Bungee for my birthday and I really enjoyed it. That’s where the idea came from. In fact I also want to book a jump at the Titan Crane in Glasgow.

“A few of the lads said they might need a push. Depending on how we do against Newtonmore, I might be happy to oblige.”

In order to participate in the jump, Glen Urquhart had to ask the sport’s ruling body, The Camanachd Association, to change the throw-up time for their match against Newtonmore to mid-day.

Each player will drop towards the River Garry on an elasticated bungee cord and the squad have all gathered sponsors for their life-changing activity.

Cash has already been raised for Highland Hospice with the club showing off the repaired Macaulay Cup at the local highland games.

“It is not the most usual team bonding activity but the players are all ready,” added MacKenzie.

Highland Fling Bungee Director John Mason-Strang said: “This is the first time we have had a squad of Shinty players jumping but Bungee is certainly a memorable way for teams to develop a strong sense of ‘togetherness’.

“I think more and more elite sports teams, as well as businesses, will switch on to the fact the  bungee jumping is a great way to get their players or employees to bond. It brings individuals together and strengthens group morale.”