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2000 Swings and counting

The Highland Swing is now 16 months old and has recently clocked up 2000 swings!  Since it’s official opening in September 2017 the swing has been growing in popularity as we hoped.  The initial swing was done by Roddy Garden who managed to miraculously continue playing the bagpipes while dropping at speeds of up to […]

Titan Crane in full swing!

Bungee jumping at Titan crane is now in full swing! We kicked off the 2017 season with a group from the SPCA and since then have seen over 140 people take the thrilling run and jump from 50 metres.

Now filming everyone!!!

The day has arrived where we are able to film everyone who jumps with us. Now instead of viewing your photos after your jump you can view one of our three camera angles we have available to give you an idea of what your edited footage will look like.